About Enigma Digital Edits

Our story so far....

As lockdown started I decided that I needed a hobbie. I decided to start learning editing as a skill and putting it towards taking the time up that I would be spending in isolation to some good!

I found my niche in Pet photography artwork creating masterpieces through my love for all animals, especially dogs! I have put Enigma Edits together to provide memories for the moments that matter for the People and Pets that matter to you!

Now 12 months down the line, I'm finding more and more ways to put smiles on friends and families faces with fun creative ideas and design projects. 

I am able to provide you with access to getting your digitally enhanced image on canvas and or high quality physical images, with an affiliated company who I use for providing the best service for their customers. 

I look forward to each and every project!

Quality services

Here are some of my services 

  • Visual Marketing 
  • Cartoon 
  • Background editing
  • Custom made
  • Bespoke 
  • Make up and hair editing 
  • Memories 
  • Colour pop
  • Children and Pets
  •  Logos & Price lists
  • And much more! 

Digitally Enhanced Memories

We’re a nation of dog lovers, we love our kids, we adore our families and cherish the memories that are made with all of them. 

But sometimes there are glitches that need to be fixed or a photo needs colour and fun so that they can be shared personally and on social media. 

My services are custom made to your requirements. 

All I need from you is your instructions on how you want your photo to be!